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Here's where I keep a lot of the documentation I write and curate.

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MAAS Reader Adaptive Documentation - readers can switch versions of the doc, on-the-fly, to choose things like UI vs. CLI instructions, or Telco vs. Banking examples. This is just a convenient testbed; ultimately, the RAD doc will be part of, so this version looks a little different from the final.

offline MAAS doc

This is a testbed for offline documentation. How it fits into the overall MAAS package is still TBD, but we need a version to ship for those who don't allow internet access to their MAAS installations, or who don't want to consume bandwidth to read doc.

stormrider's MAAS notes

Backroom tech at its snarkiest.

Documenting the MAAS code

Comments lie, but sometimes they still help.

Author: stormrider

Created: 2020-08-10 Mon 21:30