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Mon, Aug 10, 2020 / 1597068768 / Boomtime, Bureaucracy 3, 3186 YOLD

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<2020-08-10 Mon 09:15>

very successful weekend, even though i didn't get to code at all. made some bank deposits (we've been cloistering because of the pandemic); got yummy takeout that lasted us two days; got the parts necessary to make a new alert bell for my wife's ALS patient (the last one was badly hacked and didn't always work); and bought a new grill, so that we can cook outside, pretty much all the time, i imagine. still have to go to the Last Radio Shack Still in Existence and get a phenol case and a new phono plug for the head mechanism for the alert bell, hopefully my wife can handle that tomorrow. and a lower wattage soldering iron, if they still have one. and i have to clear some stuff off the porch, which means a pickup trip to the burn pile, and maybe moving things around on the porch (like putting the grilling fridge against the cabin so the grill can be near the porch rail), but that's a little-by-little project for this week, as we still have prepared food for a couple of days, at least.

Author: stormrider

Created: 2020-08-10 Mon 09:24