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Tue, Aug 11, 2020 / 1597169701 / Pungenday, Bureaucracy 4, 3186 YOLD

fortune -s

Good day to make like wallpaper. you ain't kiddin', brother

daily journal

<2020-08-11 Tue 13:15>

not a great sleeping night, still 82 at 11pm. but black coffee and diet pepsi have helped me get back to something resembling normal. crazy bug day at work for my engineering team; we have those days, so the "make like wallpaper" was actually good advice from the fortune program today. the cat has decided she wants to stay outside until she's ready to come in, hot or not; she's camped under the pickup today, more headroom, i guess, though she'll get under the van if the pickup isn't here (it's a loaner from a family member). meanwhile, i have plenty of work do to myself, though none of it urgent like bugs.

Author: stormrider

Created: 2020-08-11 Tue 13:21