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Sat, Aug 15, 2020 / 1597515112 / Boomtime, Bureaucracy 8, 3186 YOLD

fortune -s

Chicken Little was right. about 2020, the dumpster fire? maybe….

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<2020-08-15 Sat 18:13>

didn't think i was feeling that well when i woke up, almost ready to go get tested; then i looked at the weather: heavy thunderstorms all day. those normally make me feel terrible, and today was no exception by any means; but after meds, insulin, diet pepsi, coffee, a really low-carb breakfast, and a good shower, i'm doin' stuff. PTL, dude. maybe a run to gulfport later to get stuff for hannah (neighbor's kid) and pick up a refill of one of my anxiety meds; or i might just let my wife go, who knows? might be fun to drop a few bucks in office depot on a rainy saturday.

Author: root

Created: 2020-08-16 Sun 17:37

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