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Fri, Aug 21, 2020 / 1598031133 / Boomtime, Bureaucracy 13, 3186 YOLD

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You may be recognized soon. Hide. nobody would recognize me with this haircut. relax.

daily journal

<2020-08-21 Fri 17:34>

weird day, but good. got another bonus at work. got some good ideas for managing my RAD doc, and had a productive conversation with the front-end team that will be making my RAD stuff work more elegantly in the next couple of engineering cycles. beef jerky, peanuts, tuna, and tiny little tv dinners (for evenings) came in from amazon, along with the project box i need for my friend's ALS bell we're going to fix him up with, and some roasted nuts for my wife (one of her favorites). plus more t-shirts will be here later. still, feeling a little off – don't think it's sickness, maybe just some unease before the tropical storms coming this way mid-next-week, plus some usual nervousness about covid from my last trip out to get supplies. somebody coughed, and now i'm on high alert. gotta learn to tone that down.

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Created: 2020-08-21 Fri 17:38

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