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Mon, Aug 24, 2020 / 1598234264 / Setting Orange, Bureaucracy 16, 3186 YOLD

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You will give someone a piece of your mind, which you can ill afford. i'm still looking for pieces i dropped in the seventies.

daily journal

<2020-08-24 Mon 02:04>

well, it was a really productive weekend. i don't remember all the details, but i accomplished basically everything on my list so far, and there's still a couple of hours to go; i did get a doorbell retrofitted for an ALS patient's headswitch, although the chimes weren't quite what was wanted, so i may have to retrofit or otherwise rig a different one. we picked up enough takeout to last us at least a week, i got all my hurricane bags packed, a lot of keto food came in, i got my mesh basic "ls" working reasonably well, i learned enough jq to be dangerous when working on RAD, and the list actually goes on. i'm pretty happy with whtat got accomplished. and still a little time to do more.

i will have to catch up with my sunday school class later this week, as i couldn't reach anybody today except one of them; all kinds of phone issues, i think; i'll find out this week.

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Created: 2020-08-24 Mon 02:14

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