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Tue, Sep 15, 2020 / 1600215070

hot dogs, but no buns, on Friday!!

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fortune -s

Good news. Ten weeks from Friday will be a pretty good day. i'll wait.

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<2020-09-15 Tue 19:13>

well, heckuva day for one that started out with a scare! was a little warm this morning, so i picked up the (not particularly accurate) temporal thermo, which gave me some slightly high readings, which made my mind go to that place. but after a few more tries, with inconsistent readings, and differences from one side of my head to the other, i decided i was okay.

then i had a very good meeting with my boss, which extended as we went over the roadmap for the next engineering cycle. very nice, and lots of good things coming up. i'll be busy documenting like crazy through the end of the year if they let me keep at it.

then i had a nap at lunchtime, well, because i needed one.

finally, i spent the afternoon revamping my to-do list to enable me to get more work done faster, with better priorities. it put some of my doc work on hold for an afternoon, but i had reached that point where it was just necessary. i discovered how to use some parts of org-mode that i hadn't really touched before, which gave me the flexibility i've been looking for, thank /god. and now my wife is home, no overnight stays for us, which is fantastic -- didn't really want to sleep on somebody else's futon tonight!

Author: stormrider

Created: 2020-09-15 Tue 19:18