MAAS notes home

    a naive install
    production postgres
    initialising MAAS

MAAS config by CLI
    logging in
    getting real help
    setting DNS
    importing images
    enabling DHCP

Deploying machines
    CLI commissioning
    Acquiring with the CLI
    CLI deployment
    Text-based machine list!

Stormrider MAAS notes

Got machines that are:

  1. hooked up to a network you can reach, and
  2. set up to netboot?

Then congratulations, you can have a distributed datacentre with MAAS.

MAAS stand for Metal As A Service. MAAS will discover your machines and enlist them. Once it’s done, MAAS presents you with a dashboard that lets you run probes to discover each machine’s resources (commissioning), take ownership of these machines (acquisition), and load each machine with one of several different OS images (deployment).

Got machines that are hooked up to a network you can reach, and set up to netboot? Congratulations. You have an elastic, distributed datacenre.

I’m the developer advocate for MAAS, which is about documentation and outreach. On this link, I document my own explorations. Some of these are related to doc projects I’m working, while some are just my own curiosity. Here are some thoughts about MAAS and some experiments I’ve done, for what they’re worth.

Canonical MAAS product links (if you’re interested)