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I'm stormrider, callsign WA5149-SWL, and I am a true neutral, creative, diabetic, technical communicator. A lot of people are part of my family, only some of them related by genetics or marriage.

In addition, I try to live by the following credo, composed of fifteen values, rules, and mottoes:

  1. Tolerance: Prime Directive: Never interfere unless you're invited; urgent circumstances sometimes serve as an invitation.
  2. Simplicity: Keep it simple; it's cheaper and easier to carry around.
  3. Focus: Do one thing well (at a time); multitasking is a lie.
  4. Connection: Network; we are all born to connect with others.
  5. Truth: Say what you mean; nothing is truer than the truth.
  6. Self-education: Hack; trial and error is the only way we learn; but keep a voltmeter handy, so you don't become a memorable lesson in failure.
  7. Authenticity: Be who you are; even a bent wire can carry a great light.
  8. Leverage: Use or build the right tool for the job; a bigger hammer is rarely the right answer.
  9. Recycle: Use what you have; always buying another one is an expensive dead-end for everyone.
  10. Justified faith: Never say never; all things are possible, except maybe skiing through a revolving door.
  11. Scepticism: Don't choke on the enlightenment kool-aid; distrust all claims for the one true way.
  12. Initiative: Patch it now; the Next Big Thing is rarely next or big, and often it doesn't even become a thing.
  13. Planning: Think ahead, but don't worship your plans; best to be not unprepared for the future.
  14. Curiosity: Asking "why" is The One Thing that is uniquely human; "always the more beautiful answer who asks the more beautiful question" [Cummings].
  15. Self-reliance: Don't let anyone tell you who you ought to be; "nothing can bring you [real] peace but the triumph of [your own] principles" [Emerson].

Both sides of my family can be traced back to the 1200s in the UK; I have the physical, hand-drawn, family trees dating back to that time, copied from generation to generation and expanded as the tree grows. Both family mottoes -- "Vero Nihil Verius" (nothing is truer than the truth)" and "Ne Incautus Futuri" (not unprepared for the future) -- are living parts of this credo.

This is mostly just a personal website, with stuff that's interesting to me. Hope you enjoy it.

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