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It feels like I'm drifing, lately, both at work and at home. There's no real focus -- just doing things on my list to maintain that status quo. Maybe the odd lightning bolt now and then, but not enough of those.

I'm drifting a bit on my health as well. Always promising myself I'll do something soon, but never able to really get to it. It's the same with the house, the car, and the yard, although I did keep up the yard really well this summer.

Am I waiting for something, like a starting gun? Feels like the Pink Floyd song, "Time", from the amazing album "Dark Side of the Moon." I look at my list and see some interesting stuff. Next time I look back, "ten months have got behind me," to paraphrase the lyrics.

Energetic space salami

I think I have three problems: energy, space, and bad task breakdowns.

The first is a catch-22. I'm waaay overweight and burdened by what now seems to be an allergy to "preservatives" and "flavor-enhancers" (read "chemicals in the food"). With all this extra weight, I look down my list for things I can do from my gaming chair. Bah. Vicious, self-sustaining cycle.

The second is legit: I don't have a lot of space in my room to lay my hobbies out and work on them. Lots of extra effort to clear a space and get everything out to work on a hobby. I could fix that with a reasonably compact folding table. Maybe that's a shopping trip for today.

The third problem is all about defining a project. I write down lots of projects on my list, but they just stay clumped. I'm not a huge fan of David Allen -- his stuff is waaay too tactical -- but one thing I did pick up is the idea of a project. If you don't look at the individual to-do item, know immediately what you should do next, and feel motivated to do it, then you're not recognising projects.


The second problem, space, can be handled with a little shopping trip for a collapsible table and some project boxes, along with making some space in my room for these to be stored where they can readily be reached. The third problem can be solved by being more relentless defining projects as "anything -- anything -- that isn't a single step.

And the first problem, my crowbarred energy? Hmm, that will take more thought.

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