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2021-07 July

2021-07-23 Friday

restarting my diary

<2021-07-23 Fri> I'm restarting my diary today. Nevermind the older ones, more minutiae and less interesting. I also rigged my .emacs file to find diary.org in the website directory, so that what I type in the diary can be automatically posted.

I added treemacs and centaur-tabs to my emacs today, after having an experience with atom earlier in the week. I needed to preview some markdown, and atom seemed to have the right tools for that. Almost switched to it, but there are too many emacs-unique tools that I don't want to abandon (like ledger, for example.

Otherwise, it's a regular Friday, internal docs day. Spent a little while reorganising my folder structure and getting all my Canonical stuff in one place, where it will be securely backed up -- and where it's easy to find from treemacs. Did a few other little dev advocate odds and ends from yesterday. Now it's probably time to get to work on internal docs for real.

2021-07-26 Monday

can't remember much of what i did this weekend

<2021-07-26 Mon> my teammates tell me that's a good thing. i know i cleaned off the porch and got closer to digging the grill out from the boxes that have piled up there over the last few months. i also need to clean the grill and the grill implements, so i can start cooking. sharan wants me to see if marinating the meat we bought will make it better; i needed to ask my brother-in-law kirk if he has any advice about that, so i just tagged him on FB. i'm sure everybody else would want to hear that advice, also.

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