04 - Commissioning machines

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Commissioning machines with the MAAS CLI

In order to deploy machines, I've got to create some, plain and simple, and then commission them. Normally, I'd do that with the UI, but for this exercise, I'm going to attempt it with the CLI.

And just like that, it's already commissioning, just as if I'd created it from the UI. A lot of parameters there are a little hard to discover: They may be somewhere in the documentation, or perhaps they're buried in one of the "read" outputs. I used the help and a couple of other commands to discover the "powerpass" parameter, for example, though I later found it somewhere else in the documentation. Doc is always a work in progress, I guess. Commissioning by CLI

So now I have a machine in the "Ready" state, but I'd like to get familiar with commanding MAAS to commission it via the CLI. All I really need for that is the system ID, which is the last parameter in the "resourceuri" above. But just for grins, let's go ahead and retrieve the system ID using the CLI. There's only one, so I don't have to worry about any other cross-referencing on this machine:

Okay, now I can use that system ID to commission the machine via the CLI:

And that's it, it's that easy. It takes a minute to get all the parameters together to create a new machine, but it doesn't seem that difficult to me. I guess now it's time to acquire and deploy my commissioned machine.

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