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MAAS CLI walkthru

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So in this piece, I'm going to link up a walk-thru of the MAAS CLI interface as it exists in MAAS 3.0-ish.

If I type maas $PROFILE --help at the command line, on a machine with MAAS installed, here's the kind of list I get. You can click through to see what each command does.

All the MAAS CLI commands

optional arguments:

-h, --help show this help message and exit

account: Manage the current logged-in user.

bcache-cache-set: Manage bcache cache set on a machine.

bcache-cache-sets: Manage bcache cache sets on a machine.

bcache: Manage bcache device on a machine.

bcaches: Manage bcache devices on a machine.

block-device: Manage a block device on a machine.

block-devices: Manage block devices on a machine.

boot-resource: Manage a boot resource.

boot-resources: Manage the boot resources.

boot-source: Manage a boot source.

boot-source-selection: Manage a boot source selection.

boot-source-selections: Manage the collection of boot source selections.

boot-sources: Manage the collection of boot sources.

commissioning-script: Manage a custom commissioning script.

commissioning-scripts: Manage custom commissioning scripts.

dhcpsnippet: Manage an individual DHCP snippet.

dhcpsnippets: Manage the collection of all DHCP snippets in MAAS.

dnsresource: Manage dnsresource.

dnsresource-record: Manage dnsresourcerecord.

dnsresource-records: Manage DNS resource records (e.g. CNAME, MX, NS, SRV, TXT)

dnsresources: Manage dnsresources.

device: Manage an individual device.

devices: Manage the collection of all the devices in the MAAS.

discoveries: Query observed discoveries.

discovery: Read or delete an observed discovery.

domain: Manage domain.

domains: Manage domains.

events: Retrieve filtered node events.

fabric: Manage fabric.

fabrics: Manage fabrics.

fan-network: Manage Fan Network.

fan-networks: Manage Fan Networks.

file: Manage a FileStorage object.

files: Manage the collection of all the files in this MAAS.

ipaddresses: Manage IP addresses allocated by MAAS.

iprange: Manage IP range.

ipranges: Manage IP ranges.

interface: Manage a node's or device's interface.

interfaces: Manage interfaces on a node.

license-key: Manage a license key.

license-keys: Manage the license keys.

maas: Manage the MAAS server.

machine: Manage an individual machine.

machines: Manage the collection of all the machines in the MAAS.

network: Manage a network.

networks: Manage the networks.

node-device: View a specific NodeDevice from a Node.

node-devices: View NodeDevices from a Node.

node: Manage an individual Node.

node-results: Read the collection of commissioning script results.

node-script: Manage or view a custom script.

node-script-result: Manage node script results.

node-script-results: Manage node script results.

node-scripts: Manage custom scripts.

nodes: Manage the collection of all the nodes in the MAAS.

notification: Manage an individual notification.

notifications: Manage the collection of all the notifications in MAAS.

package-repositories: Manage the collection of all Package Repositories in MAAS.

package-repository: Manage an individual package repository.

partition: Manage partition on a block device.

partitions: Manage partitions on a block device.

pod: Manage an individual Pod.

pods: Manage the collection of all the pods in the MAAS.

rack-controller: Manage an individual rack controller.

rack-controllers: Manage the collection of all rack controllers in MAAS.

raid: Manage a specific RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) on a machine.

raids: Manage all RAIDs (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) on a machine.

region-controller: Manage an individual region controller.

region-controllers: Manage the collection of all region controllers in MAAS.

resource-pool: Manage a resource pool.

resource-pools: Manage resource pools.

sshkey: Manage an SSH key.

sshkeys: Manage the collection of all the SSH keys in this MAAS.

sslkey: Manage an SSL key.

sslkeys: Operations on multiple keys.

space: Manage space.

spaces: Manage spaces.

static-route: Manage static route.

static-routes: Manage static routes.

subnet: Manage subnet.

subnets: Manage subnets.

tag: Tags are properties that can be associated with a Node and serve as criteria for selecting and allocating nodes.

tags: Manage all tags known to MAAS.

user: Manage a user account.

users: Manage the user accounts of this MAAS.

vmhost: Manage an individual VM host.

vmhosts: Manage the collection of all the VM hosts in MAAS.

version: Information about this MAAS instance.

vlan: Manage a VLAN on a fabric.

vlans: Manage VLANs on a fabric.

vmfs-datastore: Manage VMFS datastore on a machine.

vmfs-datastores: Manage VMFS datastores on a machine.

volume-group: Manage volume group on a machine.

volume-groups: Manage volume groups on a machine.

zone: Manage a physical zone.

zones: Manage physical zones.

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