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From the MAAS documentation:

"MAAS is an open-source tool that lets you create a data centre from bare-metal servers. You can discover, commission, deploy, and dynamically reconfigure a large network of individual units. MAAS converts your hardware investment into a cohesive, flexible, distributed data centre, with a minimum of time and effort."

From 9-6 every weekday, I write docs and create new doc tools for the MAAS product, and Canonical pays me for it. That's probably the best way to describe what it's like working on an open-source product for a larger company that develops them. I like what I do, and I do it whenever I can afford it. Canonical makes it very easy for me to afford it, so it's natural to share the benefit of my hobbies with them whenever I can.

MAAS has a really nice UI that's super-easy to use. It also has at least two CLIs and a REST API (which backs the CLIs). I've made an informal hobby of trying to use MAAS via the command-line only. It's sort of a challenge to try to see how much I can do, and how much I can document, using just the MAAS CLI.

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