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My credo

The rules I live by, as well as I can.

  1. Start small and build a little at a time; a mosaic is more beautiful than the finest concrete, and way less likely to get you sued for improper construction.
  2. Say what you mean; because telepathy is still in beta testing.
  3. Network; because who else will laugh at your "I'm not a robot" jokes?
  4. Divide and conquer; because life is essentially a giant game of strategy board games.
  5. Keep it simple; complex plans involve running, and who's got the energy for that?
  6. Do one thing well; remember, unicorns are famous for just one horn.
  7. Be who you are; even a bent wire can carry a great light, especially in a modern art exhibit.
  8. Build for strength, not just speed; the tortoise won the race, but the hare had more Instagram followers.
  9. Speak clearly, listen carefully, pay close attention; otherwise, you'll end up in a conversation about quantum physics when you just asked for the time.
  10. Underpromise and overdeliver; because everyone loves a surprise, especially when it's not another birthday card.
  11. Practice the Prime Directive; unless you're in a sci-fi movie, then totally ignore it.
  12. Hack; just remember, "try it and see" doesn't apply to skydiving or lion taming.
  13. Use what you have; unless it's a floppy disk, then maybe it's time to upgrade.
  14. Use levers, not people; because people are terrible at being levers, they keep asking for coffee breaks.
  15. Release early, release often; otherwise, you're just hoarding half-baked ideas, and there's no market for those.
  16. Distrust all claims for the one true way; except for pizza, pizza is always the answer.
  17. Think ahead, but don’t worship your plans; remember, not all who wander are lost, but they might just be looking for their keys.
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