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stormrider's pics

family pictures


My wife, Sharan, and I on our California vacation in 2003. This picture was taken on the coast near Bodega Bay, where my great uncle Robert lived at the time.


Our five children. L-R Adam, professor of Medieval Literature at University of North Texas; Samantha, a filmmaker; Andrew, an opera singer; Allison, who is studying Aerospace Engineering; and Eric, who is an Industrial Engineer.


My dad died about 18 years ago, but he left some interesting memories.


My stepfather, Jim Napp, who was a reactor tech on the nuclear submarine Ethan Allen, SSBN-608, for many years. He had already completed a degree in Chemical Engineering at Louisiana Tech when he joined the Navy. After the Navy, he was, for many years, one of the few nuclear engineers who was qualified to decommission nuclear sites and installations. He later became a Methodist minister, and is now retired to a horse farm in Alabama.


My father, Billy Dean Wear, holding my oldest son, Adam, when he was a baby.


My wife, Sharan, with her "mom van" decorated, handing out treats at a Trunk or Treat event in our community. We live in the country, where everyone owns at least 60 acres, so the houses are farther apart and the population smaller. It's easier to trick or treat if we hold an event at a central space, in this case, the local church. You can't see all of her decorations, but she really did it up well.


Our second family of "Next Step Kids." Next Step is an organization similar to Habitat for Humanity, except that they tend to go in after disasters to rebuild and repair houses for people who couldn't otherwise afford it. Eight or ten well-trained college kids form the backbone of the group, and every week through the summer, they invite groups of adults and/or high school students to spend one week helping others. It's a great program. They were here for 8 summers, to help our local communities recover from Katrina. My wife Sharan helped them every day by doing a lot of the cooking, which gave them more time to spend helping families in need.


The road to my house.

my cat, baby

Baby was a walkup. She was prowling around the neighborhood, which in our case, is about 80 acres big, with lots of woods. I understood early on that she went to my father-in-law's house, and he ran her off, but he doesn't remember that now. She has a complex personality, but she is very loving. My wife, Sharan, does a lot of volunteer work, usually in 12-hour shifts, swapping from day to night regularly. Baby stays confused, but usually sits and watches her -- or sleeps on her when she's sleeping. She also has a cat-cave (my wife's closet, which is an entire room at the back of the house). She spends more time there in the summer, no idea why. She's a sweetheart, though. Here are some random pictures of her.








computer-related photos


My MOTD cover sheet from the old dot-matrix / greenbar days. I saved the pattern in case dot matrix ever comes back. Actually, I saw that you can buy new dot-matrix printers on Amazon for big money. I wonder who uses those now? Maybe people that have to still print official forms?

unusual public domain photos i've come across


I have no idea who took this one, but when I came across it, it was humorous enough to save.


I used to phreak, and sometimes still do. This picture of telephones will be handy if I start posting all my strange numbers on the site.


This picture also caught my eye. Interesting composition.


This is one I started to use on the index page for this site, but the design got so complicated, and the HTML so manual to update, that I just dropped back to org-publish again.



A couple of data centre shots I grabbed from a PD photo stash. Might have some use for them someday.


This is a neat trick-shot, probably photo-shopped, but worth the effort.


This is a huge library in Ireland, I think, the same one my daughter-in-law visited when she vacationed there a few years ago. Wow. Really old books.


I've spent a large part of my life writing manpages, because I like them, and I like writing them. My first set of manpages were actually printed out in vinyl notebooks, like these, in a giant room that the notebooks had to stay in. There was a big sign on the far wall: "RTFM." If you asked anybody, they always expanded it, "Read The Full Manual." Except for a guy named Tom. Tom was brave, he would expand the acronym the intended way.


A cabin picture I really like. I'd like a cabin, but my wife wants a larger home. I'm pretty sure she's going to win when we get around to building.


This one is really cool because of the composition.


This one is cool because it's so weird. These two people must be the authoritarian leaders of some oppressed, back-water country. I can't imagine they'd get all those medals unless they gave them to themselves, basically.


This is a neat server picture I figured I could use while blogging about tech.


This one reminds me of various things I could say about networking and DHCP.


And this one's a gnu. I had better designs for this before the FSF imploded and put RMS back in the driver's seat. I've never liked him, so I just quit the FSF. They actually emailed me to ask me why, and the seemed shocked by the answer. Oh, well.

sewing ideas

I used to sew a lot; I've stopped for a while, because I got a new, home-based job, and sitting in the workroom an extra 2-3 hours a day doesn't seem attractive to me right now. I do have at least one project I need to complete, though.


My wife Sharan loves irises. This picture is an inspiration for a quilt I want to make her one day. I supposed I really should get with it, and at least make a small test piece.


This was the design I cooked up for a friend's purse. She changed her mind, but this incorporates the Star of David into a heart, which describes her pretty well.


This isn't so much a sewing idea as a neat piece of cloth. I use emacs almost exclusively, and I bought an emacs banner. Initially it was going to be my backdrop for video calls, but there wasn't really a good place to hang it where it wouldn't have to constantly be moved -- so I started using it as a top sheet. It actually works perfect. I'm kinda weird about it, though: I always find the tag and put it in a certain position when I get ready to cover up.

t-shirts i own and wear

I didn't take my own pictures here, but I have these actual t-shirts. I need to take some photos of my own stash and post them, but that's really not very high up on my list ATM.










selfies, sort of


My org-mode shirt. These glasses look really retarded on me, but they do help. Meh.


I took this one in a bathroom at my previous employer. It just happened to be the perfect lighting to capture a candid shot.


My favourite photoshop (actually, done with GIMP). I may move it back to my site index page, never know.


From when I was trying to be spooky. Didn't work; just looks like a bad photo.


The original from the photo currently on my index page. That cap was suggested to me by my boss, when I mentioned that I needed to put on my writer's cap. I ordered the iron-on name badge separately, and, well, ironed it on.


The cowboy hat and shirt I bought on impulse for a chili cook-off at church. I still have the cowboy hat and know where it is; I probably have the shirt, somewhere, but don't ask me to find it.

things that came in my first raspberry pi kit

It's a pi4 kit with some electronic components. I've gotten the pi itself running with Linux, but I haven't revisited it yet. So many possible hobbies, so little time.


















volkswagen campmobile photos

I've never owned one of these, but I would like to get one of the restored, all-electric conversions. The air-cooled engine just wasn't reliably safe on long trips, I've discovered.



I used this as my digital Christmas card one year. Loved it.


This one I would pay good money for, maybe even sell some stuff to possess it. The idea of being a turtle hippie is very attractive to me.


I like this one because of where it is, but I'm not sure if it's a campmobile or just a bus.


This one's here because it kindof fits with the mood of the three above. It's been an avatar I've had for a while. I've never actually been that thin, TBH.


And here's the campmobile that goes with the avatar. I doubt I'd drive one painted like this, but it's a nice photo.



This is a very cool DBASE III script, prepared by the first child actor who played Lassie's boy, after he left acting and became a computer consultant. It's always spoken to me, so I keep it around.

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