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Installation requirements

Before diving into MAAS, confirm your system aligns with the necessary hardware specs. These vary by use-case but here's a guide based on Ubuntu Server for test and production setups.

MAAS, NTP, and chrony

Time sync complications can arise between Ubuntu's default systemd-timesyncd and MAAS's chrony. If the NTP servers differ, you're asking for trouble. Consult the MAAS installation guide for solutions.

Requirements for a test environment

For a single-host test setup assuming the latest two Ubuntu LTS releases:

Component Memory (MB) CPU (GHz) Disk (GB)
Region controller (minus PostgreSQL) 512 0.5 5
PostgreSQL 512 0.5 5
Rack controller 512 0.5 5
Ubuntu Server 512 0.5 5

Total? 2 GB RAM, 2 GHz CPU, 20 GB disk.

Requirements for a production environment

For large-scale, continuous client handling, plan as follows:

Component Memory (MB) CPU (GHz) Disk (GB)
Region controller 2048 2.0 5
PostgreSQL 2048 2.0 20
Rack controller 2048 2.0 20
Ubuntu Server 512 0.5 5

You'll need about 4.5 GB RAM, 4.5 GHz CPU, and 45 GB disk per host for region controllers, and slightly less for rack controllers.

Additional notes:

Factors affecting these numbers:

Don't forget, a local image mirror could significantly increase disk requirements. Also, rack controllers have a 1000-machine cap per subnet. For larger networks, add more controllers.