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Community and support

The power of community-backed open source: a Canonical perspective

The open-source advantage

Open-source software offers unparalleled freedom to use, modify, and distribute code. But freedom comes with responsibilities, often making it challenging for businesses and organisations to manage and support these applications. Canonical stands at this intersection, striving to be the undisputed leader in the open-source realm. We provide not just first-class code largely devoid of licensing fees but also a balanced array of free and paid support options.

When to opt for paid support

We understand that not every situation calls for a free solution. Some scenarios demand more than what community-led efforts can provide. Whether it's a project that necessitates dedicated Canonical intervention, a unique environment requiring specialised field engineering, or a need that deviates from the MAAS roadmap, our paid support is designed to fill these gaps.

Giving and receiving free help

That said, there are various channels through which you can both seek and provide free help on a best-effort basis:

A harmonious balance

At Canonical, we believe in a balanced approach that combines the virtues of open-source software with the practicality of expert, paid support. You can tap into the robust features of MAAS without being encumbered by licensing fees or the complexities of self-management. At the same time, our paid support gives you a safety net of expert advice and technical assistance when you need it.

The bigger picture

Open-source is not just a software distribution model; it's a philosophy of community engagement and collaborative improvement. With Canonical's dual approach to support, you enjoy the best of both worlds—a dynamic, community-supported software ecosystem and the assurance of expert help. And remember, whether you opt for paid support or choose to contribute to the MAAS community, you're a valued member of an ever-growing network of open-source professionals. Some of us just happen to wear Canonical badges.