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Contributing to MAAS documentation

Before diving in, make sure to glance through the MAAS documentation style guide.

Wondering how to lend a hand to MAAS documentation? You've got two main routes: editing existing content or commenting when you're not quite sure what needs a fix.

Edit existing documents

Here's how to smooth out -- or add to -- the existing guides:

  1. Head over to the MAAS documentation.

  2. Find the document you're keen to refine.

  3. Click Help improve this document in the forum at the document's footer.

  4. Spot the "pencil in a box" icon just below the title bar and click it. A pop-up will emerge.

  5. Hit Edit Wiki at the bottom right of the pop-up. The window disappears, making way for an editor-preview split screen.

  6. On the editor side (left pane), locate and edit the text you aim to change.

  7. Save your changes by clicking Save Edit at the pop-up's bottom left.

Your contribution is now part of the living document. Note that your updates may take up to 24 hours to appear on the main site.

Leave a comment

If you're on the fence about what needs changing, add your two pence as a comment:

  1. Visit the MAAS documentation.

  2. Open the document you want to discuss.

  3. Hit Help improve this document in the forum located at the bottom.

  4. Scroll down to the end of the Discourse document that appears.

  5. Click Reply near the bottom centre of the document.

  6. Pen your thoughts in the Type here... field.

  7. Click Reply to submit or Cancel if you've had a change of heart.

Your comments will be up for review shortly, helping us improve the docs one insight at a time.