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Fresh installation of MAAS

MAAS is relatively easy to install and configure. Let's give it a try.

Note that support for PostgreSQL version 12 is deprecated for MAAS version 3.4, and will be discontinued in MAAS 3.5. We recommend upgrading to PostgreSQL version 14 before installing MAAS 3.4.

To install MAAS 3.4 from a snap:

  1. Check the MAAS installation requirements to make sure that your hardware will support MAAS.

  2. Enter the following command:

sudo snap install --channel=latest/edge maas
  1. Enter your account password.

At this point, the snap will download and install from the 3.4 channel.

Some installation notes

When installing MAAS on Ubuntu, there can be conflicts between the existing NTP client, systemd-timesyncd, and the NTP client/server provided by MAAS, chrony. This can lead to time synchronization issues, especially if MAAS is configured with different upstream NTP servers than the ones used by systemd-timesyncd. To avoid conflicts, users can manually disable and stop systemd-timesyncd using the following command:

sudo systemctl disable --now systemd-timesyncd

Also note that support for PostgreSQL 12 has been deprecated in MAAS 3.3 and will be discontinued in MAAS 3.5.

How to check the status of MAAS services

To check the status of running services, enter:

sudo maas status

Typical output looks like this:

bind9                            RUNNING   pid 7999, uptime 0:09:17
dhcpd                            STOPPED   Not started
dhcpd6                           STOPPED   Not started
ntp                              RUNNING   pid 8598, uptime 0:05:42
postgresql                       RUNNING   pid 8001, uptime 0:09:17
proxy                            STOPPED   Not started
rackd                            RUNNING   pid 8000, uptime 0:09:17
regiond:regiond-0                RUNNING   pid 8003, uptime 0:09:17
regiond:regiond-1                RUNNING   pid 8008, uptime 0:09:17
regiond:regiond-2                RUNNING   pid 8005, uptime 0:09:17
regiond:regiond-3                RUNNING   pid 8015, uptime 0:09:17
tgt                              RUNNING   pid 8040, uptime 0:09:15

Your mileage may vary.

How to re-initialise MAAS

To switch a machine from from rack to region:

sudo maas init region

How to list additional MAAS initialisation options

The init command can takes optional arguments. To list them, as well as read a brief description of each, you can enter:

sudo maas init --help

How to configure MAAS