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Requesting features and enhancements

Sometimes what you perceive as a bug in MAAS is actually by design. On other occasions, you might wish for a feature that's yet to be added. In either case, the solution is a feature request.

Ready to request? Head to Discourse

If you're certain about your request, go ahead and create a new Features post on Discourse.

Need help framing your idea?

If you have an idea but aren't sure how to present it, keep reading. This article is here to guide you.

We listen to your requests

We strive to deliver in-demand features, as evidenced by our last feature poll. We actually implemented the top-voted feature in MAAS 3.1. However, we can't promise to fulfil every request or do so immediately. The point is: your feedback matters.

What helps us help you

For a feature to make it onto our roadmap, it usually shares some attributes:

The more compelling your case, the higher the likelihood we'll consider it for future releases. We might not guarantee every feature, but we're definitely listening.