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Upgrading MAAS

Upgrade your MAAS setup using this guide. Don't forget to consult the installation notes at the end.

Upgrade to MAAS 3.4: A Snap Tutorial with PostgreSQL Considerations

Switching to MAAS 3.4? Here's a quick rundown on how to upgrade your snap installation. Before diving in, note that PostgreSQL 12 support is ending with MAAS 3.4 and won't be available in 3.5. We suggest upgrading to PostgreSQL 14 first.

For a region+rack setup, run this command:

sudo snap refresh --channel=3.4 maas

Be sure to input your password. Your snap will update to the 3.4 channel, no MAAS re-initialization required.

For separate regions and racks, update the rack nodes first with the above command, followed by the region nodes.

Some installation notes

When installing MAAS on Ubuntu, there can be conflicts between the existing NTP client, systemd-timesyncd, and the NTP client/server provided by MAAS, chrony. This can lead to time synchronization issues, especially if MAAS is configured with different upstream NTP servers than the ones used by systemd-timesyncd. To avoid conflicts, users can manually disable and stop systemd-timesyncd using the following command:

sudo systemctl disable --now systemd-timesyncd

Also note that support for PostgreSQL 12 has been deprecated in MAAS 3.3 and will be discontinued in MAAS 3.5.