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Raspberry PI 4


Hi, I'm stormrider.

I like to write about technical things, and build tools for faster text parsing and format translation.


Metal-as-a-Service (MAAS) is the product I work with almost every day. It allows you to provision and manage bare-metal servers and virtual machines across a network.


MAAS also has a very robust CLI, which allows you to program a lot of MAAS operations into shellscripts and other homebrew, automated tools. If you're a CLI user like me, it's also much more familiar and convenient.


If you use JSON for anything, the jq tool may come in handy. It allows you to make your JSON output a lot more readable and user-friendly.

Shortwave Radio

The shortwave band isn't what it used to be a long time ago, but there are still some interesting things out there. I am such an avid Shortwave Listener (SWLer) that I even have my own callsign (WA5149) to put on QSL cards.

Strange Phone Numbers

Since the cell phone and VOIP have largely taken over the phone network, things aren't as interesting as they used to be in the 1970s. But there are still some pretty unusual numbers out there.

Raspberry PI and SDR

I have a Raspberry Pi 4 that I'm just starting to play with; I also have SDR kit that I need to hook up to my rPi4 and explore.

Text-parsing & translation code

I have been using UNIX since around 1974, so I have done a lot of impromptu Text Processing Shellscripts (TPS) that I've created over the years; you can dive in here and get the TPS Report, if you want.

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