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Wed Nov 9 09:48:37 2022, epoch 1668008918
Day 313 of 2022; 52 days remaining in the year
Pungenday, The Aftermath 21st, 3188
Questionable day

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Seen on reddit today: "Shower thoughts on how Emacs follows Unix philosophy". Had to respond.

I started using *NIX in 1974 at a community college in Decatur, AL, because AT&T was trying to mitigate a Sherman Act judgement. I've spent my entire life adapting the *NIX philosophy for humans. It's 100% consistent with the goals of emacs, save one principle: sharing.

The core issue was well-put by RMS: "free as in speech, not as in beer." *NIX had the philosophy, but not the freedom. Emacs produced an early, durable FOSS license. Linux came along years later and gave us a set of FOSS system code.

Having read and modified both codesets over the years, I can say with some certainty that they are not the same, by any means; not even close. If you doubt, compare the Lion's listings to Scott Maxwell's LKC. It's the same philosophy, maybe, but by no means the same implementation.

I would correct the OP's assertion. Linux blends *NIX and emacs philosophies in an emergent way. *NIX is the militant capitalist in street clothes, simplicity at a price. Emacs tears off the tinselled halo and plants its sandals firmly on the ground, but insists that you crash on someone else's couch. Linux rejects the paywall, but deems it acceptable to be paid well for one's time and arcane knowledge.

The relationships are way more complicated than a simple assertion can convey. That is all.

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