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nym expansion
<3 i like that comment
<g> grin
3bs three beers short
aamof as a matter of fact
adn any day now
afaiac as far as i am concerned
afaict as far as i can tell
afaik as far as i know
afair as far as i remember
afk away from the keyboard
afpsoagf a few punches short of a good fight
afssoap a few sandwiches short of a picnic
aopc reciting local national motto
asap as soon as possible
asl pls age sex location please
athyrio and the horse you rode in on
atm at the moment
atp at this point
aybabtu all your base are belong to us
b4n bye for now
bak back at (my) keyboard
bbfn bye bye for now
bbiab be back in a bit
bbiaf be back in a few
bbl be back later
bbs be back shortly
bbs be back soon
beg big evil grin
brb be right back/bathroom break
bta but then again
btw by the way
c-c-c-combo breaker call a halt to repeated posts
cp coder pig
cq… looking for…
ctc care to chat?
cya see ya
d/c disconnected
djiad darnit jim, i'm a doctor
djiad not my area of expertise
e.g. exempli gratia
faq frequently asked questions
fb fine business
focl falling off chair laughing
ftw for the win
fwiw for what it's worth
fyi for your information
ga good afternoon
gm good morning
gmta great minds think alike
gmtaasdo great minds think alike, and so do ours
goybwaroc get on your big wheel and ride on, cowboy
gtg got to go
hdj irretrievably broken (he's dead, jim)
hth hope that helps
hybs christian greeting
hyfj another christian greeting
iaadbnyd i am a doctor, but not your doctor
iaalbnyl i am a lawyer, but not your lawyer
ianad i am not a doctor
ianaitp i am not an IT person
ianal i am not a lawyer
ianyg i am not your guru (don't ask me)
iapnad i'm a programmer, not a doctor
inyitp i'm not your IT person
ic i see
ifypfy i fixed your post for you
iha i hate acronyms
iirc if i recall correctly
imho in my humble opinion
imnsho in my not so humble opinion
imo in my opinion
iow in other words
irl in real life
isagn i see a great need
istr i seem to recall
ito in terms of
itt i think that
j/k just kidding
jk just kidding
jsia just say it already
kbn gimme a minute to break it
kbn klaatu barada nikto
kbn stand down, cowboy ^^
kwh kilroy was here
l8r later
lahith (i need that) like a hole in the head
le later edit
llap live long and prosper
lmao laughing my * off
lol laughing out loud
ltns long time no see
lts laughing to self
ly love you
mil mother-in-law
motd message of the day
n/a no attachment
n/m nevermind
n/p no problem - np also used
n/t no text
nhdbof observing a religious holiday/ritual
nmcnmm not my circus, not my monkeys
np no problem
oic oh, I see
omg oh, my god
op original poster
opiahh op is a hose head
otoh on the other hand
pal2 peace and long life
ppl people
re re hi or re hello
rofl rolling on floor laughing
roflmao rolling on floor laughing my arse off
rotfl rolling on the floor laughing
rtfm read the * manual
rtfm read the full manual
sahm stay at home mom
sio spit it out
shlm jewish greeting
slm muslim greeting
smmas sudo make me a sandwich
st spell that
ta thanks/again
tafn that's all for now
tam thanks a million
tmi too much information
tsta try spelling that again
ttyl talk (type) to you later
ttys talk (type) to you soon
ty thank you thx thanks
w8 wait
wb welcome back
wc? are you hungry? (want chinese?)
we whatever
w/e whatever
wfm works for me
wsof way short of fudge (to give)
wtf what, the fudge?
wtf why the face?
wtg way to go
ww wire weenie (hardware person)
wx weather
wysineutwyg what you see is not entirely unrelated to what you get
wysiwyg what you see is what you get
wywtci whatever (you want to call it) [origin of "whatever"]
ygbkm you gotta be kidding me
ymmv your milage may vary
yold year of our lady of discord
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